2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro

The 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro is a line of V-twin, superclass bikes built by Aprilia. The 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro line consists of two models, the original 750cc and the later variant of 1200 cc which have similar aspects but have few parts in common. The model was named after the Aprilia Dorsoduro region of Venice, whose name translates as a hard ridge.

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900

Aprilia Dorsoduro 2023 is the quintessential fun bike. Born from the ingenious intuition of Aprilia, it was built with the sole aim of offering as much fun as possible on the road, taking advantage of the best features of sports bikes and superbike bikes. The result is a bike with advanced technical solutions, agility, and performance at the forefront of its category.

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro Design

The 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro follows a minimalist approach when it comes to design elements and keeps the involvement and pleasure of the rider as the main goal. Clearly derived from the world of sport, Dorsoduro has the same dirt-billed bird-bill front fender, mosquito net, cheek fairings, fuel tank, and a long, flat seat to give the rider plenty of room for movement and comfort. But from that moment on, the Aprilia Dorsoduro quickly shows off its road bike DNA with inverted front forks and smooth street tires. The minimal body panels make the Trellis frame and engine clearly visible, and the Dorsoduro generally stays with the gasser philosophy, as it is as thin as a snake, with no excess fat anywhere on the bike. The seat height is close to the nosebleeds at 34 inches, ideal for extreme tilt angles, but not so much for short seams.

In the 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro, You can choose from three independent power supply modes; sport mode which offers instant throttle response and unbridled power, tour mode which still offers all the power, but with a smoother movement, and rain mode with the smoothest delivery of all for adverse conditions and bad weather. A stainless steel exhaust system traverses a channel in the second frame to keep the weight of these components as close as possible to the center, and the head tubes are directed to prevent subsequent shocks from fading due to excess heat transfer. A catalytic converter and a lambda probe system help keep emissions within regulated standards.

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro Brakes & Handiling

The high-speed stability of the 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro is excellent considering the dimensions of the bike. At low speed it also excels, you can throw the bike, it is relatively light and the riding position of the supermoto allows you to cut off traffic in the city. The 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro is slightly soft for track use, especially when compared to the competition. The Aprilia Dorsoduro has always been known to be one of the friendliest supermoto bikes ever ridden by Noale’s factory and still manages to hold that title even today. The seat height is close to the nosebleeds at 34 inches, ideal for extreme tilt angles, but not so much for short seams. The steel aluminum plate frame mix provides safe driving around corners, and the rigid configuration makes it easy for the rider to move it from side to side. Aprilia engineers were able to obtain a short and agile bike and ensured that this compact bike could easily meet the new riders, as well as improve the driving skills of the most experienced and demanding riders. The 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro beats overweight with 60.4 pounds of torque at 4,500 rpm and 92 ponies at 8,750 rpm, all on a bike that weighs just over 400 pounds, dry. Lots of power for your particular brand of cruise and hooligans. A six-speed transmission breaks the gear ratios and a chain drive makes the final connection to the rear wheel. Depending on the widely variable skill factor, you can expect to get something around a quarter of a mile in 12 seconds at a speed of about 110 mph.

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro Engine Performance

The new engine displacement was obtained by increasing the stroke from 56.4 mm to 67.4 mm and leaving the diameter unchanged. The maximum power now reaches 95.2 hp at 8,750 rpm, but more important is the value of the maximum torque that goes from 82 Nm to 4,500 rpm in the 750 cc V-twin of 90cc at 90 Nm at 6,500 rpm in the new 900cc V. twin, a value that is really at the forefront of its category. The 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro continues to use ride-by-wire technology.

2023 2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro Engine

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro Engine

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 Electric

2023 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 Electric

It was the first factory-installed motorcycle to achieve this at the time and still sets the stage for a precise response from the accelerator to the pilot being much lighter than before. Other electronic management bits include the electronic throttle that optimizes the opening of the throttle bodies to improve performance and fuel consumption. All power is transmitted to the rear via a 6-speed gearbox and a multi-disc wet clutch system. The slipper clutch fails here. The stainless steel exhaust unit under the seat is one of the characteristic aesthetic elements of the Aprilia Dorsoduro. A new internal lubrication circuit capable of limiting power losses due to stroke consumption and lubrication keeps fuel consumption levels low.