2023 Benelli BN

The 2023 Benelli BN is a new bare compact motorcycle designed to capture the hearts of the new generation of motorcycles. The Benelli BN 2023 is a fantastic first bike, easy to handle, has simple controls, and has a stunning look. The Benelli BN  looks slim and sleek, with a well-formed tank and seat and well-coordinated accessory components such as the radiator hood and spoiler under the engine.

2023 Benelli BN 125

2023 Benelli BN 125

The Benelli BN 2023 is perfect for travelers who want to move easily through city traffic and for motorcyclists who just want to have fun on the road.  The Benelli BN has exceptional value for money.

2023 Benelli BN Design

The highlight of the Benelli BN 2023 is the new design. Replacing the previous model’s halogen units is the vertically stacked projector headlight, flanked by LED DRL on either side and a new LED taillight. The body has air outlets to help channel the air around it better. Benelli has retained the same 14-liter fuel tank and side panels. A beautifully designed steel lattice frame, along with a similarly constructed tipper, gives the BN  a high degree of chassis rigidity, which helps it handle itself like a larger motorcycle.

The gearbox is quite smooth, the clutch is nice and light and it doesn’t vibrate too badly thanks to a balancing shaft, but that’s to be expected, what sets Benelli aside is the fact that it’s 41mm forks and a single shock seem to work really well. Luckily, they don’t have too much of a rebound you get from cheap units that don’t seem to have any noticeable cushioning and do their job very well. In fact, you can move little Benelli through curves, and his 143 kg featherweight makes him very light and agile in the city. The BN is Available in green/black frame, white/red frame, black/red frame, and red/red frame.

2023 Benelli BN Suspension & Brakes

The frame is state-of-the-art in its steering geometry, with 24.5 degrees of inclination and a moderate 91.7 mm of travel. The static weight distribution is a correct 51/49. The front suspension is by a 41 mm inverted fork, while the rear is responsible for a cantilevered shock absorber. The wheelbase is 5.3 inches front and rear. The Benelli BN wheel on cast aluminum wheels is fitted with tubeless radials 120/70-17 and 140 / 70-17 front and rear, respectively. The braking system uses two 260mm rotors with four-piston calipers at the front, plus a 240mm rear rotor with a floating caliper.

2023 Benelli BN Performance

The engine personality, along with its exhaust note, changes drastically at 7,500 rpm. From here, beyond 11,000 rpm, the speed increases rapidly as it advances through the gears. The bike is capable of accelerating a mustache above 100 mph, but its acceleration and pick-up performance were above any expectations. The frame is well balanced in weight distribution and steering geometry makes the BN agile and fast in line, but absolutely safe. This was demonstrated as he was descending from San Marino down a horribly rugged crossroads. The front suspension absorbed these shocks, keeping the BN composed and comfortable. The subsequent shock was too harsh on his response. The brakes were solid and reliable, and the BN returned 66 mpg.

2023 Benelli BN Engine

The 2023 Benelli BN engine is a twin derived from the BN four-cylinder engine. It has measures of diameter and stroke of 65.0 mm by 45.2 mm and the same compression ratio of 12: 1. The size of the valve does not vary, with 25 mm inlets and 22 mm leaks, fixed at 14 degrees on the cylinder shaft, respectively for an included angle of 28.8 degrees. This means that the BN’s combustion chamber is slightly less compact in profile than is generally seen. The engine itself is compact and clean, with attractive side covers and a completely unobstructed exhaust system that fits snugly under the engine.

2023 Benelli Bn Engine

2023 Benelli Bn Engine

2023 Benelli Bn 302

2023 Benelli Bn 302

The Benelli BN 2023 engine breathes through 37 mm accelerator bodies which are 1 mm smaller than those used by the BN. The Benelli BN engine uses the same Delphi integrated injection and ignition management system first adopted in the 600 four and includes an oxygen sensor per cylinder. The new Benelli twin delivers 38 hp at 10,000 rpm, plus 20.2 lb-ft of maximum torque at 9,000 rpm. For a meaningful comparison, the Kawasaki Ninja 300 is said to produce 39 hp at 11,000 rpm and 20.6 pound-feet of torque at 10,000 rpm.

At the lower end, the Benelli BN follows a true, proven design that includes a classic 360-degree crankshaft that rotates on three 32mm main bearings. The connecting rod bearings have a diameter of 30 mm, for a very robust structure, while the main screws and the handle screws overlap with a generous 8.4 mm. A 360-degree parallel twin needs two axes of balance to counteract the primary order imbalance generated by the unpleasant vibrations with which the traditional British twins of yesteryear were known. Benelli’s technicians adopted only one axis of balance: one to counteract the vertically vectorized vibrations while allowing the massively counterbalanced crankshaft to cancel the horizontally vectorized ones.